Yamato Blue Ox Cask Strength Japanese Whisky 1.75ML

Yamato Blue Ox Cask Strength Japanese Whisky 1.75ML



Yamato unleashes beastly whisky crafted in the tradition of the legendary myths.

Aged to its peak in virgin American oak from forests once roamed by mighty bison herds, it emerges deep sapphire blue.

Powerful aromas of toasted coconut, vanilla bean and cured meat rise from the glass like a call of the wild.

Massive and visceral on the palate, flavors unfold boldly yet precisely – molasses, dark chocolate and scorched earth.

Bottled at an ominous cask strength of 68.1% ABV, each bottle delivers primordial sensory adventure befitting its namesake.

Housed in a handsomely distressed bottle meant for rugged enjoyment, it invites tales around the campfire with every memorable sip.

An imposing treat tailored strictly for the courageous imbiber seeking primal encounters beyond norms.

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