Yamazaki 18 Years Old

Rich with mature autumn fruit.
Color: Deep amber
Nose: Raisin, apricot, cafe au lait, Mizunara (Japanese oak)
Palate: Blackberry, strawberry jam, dark chocolate
Finish: Long, spicy, smooth



Yamazaki 18 Years Old is a highly regarded and sought-after Japanese single malt whisky produced by the Yamazaki Distillery, which is owned by Suntory. Here are some details about Yamazaki 18 Years Old:

– Brand: Yamazaki
– Expression: 18 Years Old
– Production: Yamazaki 18 Years Old is crafted using traditional whisky-making techniques and the expertise of the distillery’s master blenders. It is made from a mash bill primarily consisting of malted barley. The whisky is aged for a minimum of 18 years in a combination of different types of oak casks, including ex-bourbon, sherry, and Mizunara (Japanese oak) casks. This extended maturation imparts depth, complexity, and a range of flavors to the whisky.
– Flavor Profile: Yamazaki 18 Years Old is known for its rich and intricate flavor profile. It typically offers a harmonious balance of fruity, floral, and spicy characteristics. Tasting notes often include hints of dried fruits, dark chocolate, honey, cinnamon, and a touch of Mizunara oak influence, which adds a unique and aromatic dimension to the whisky.
– Age Statement: The “18 Years Old” on the label signifies that the whisky has been aged for a minimum of 18 years. This aging duration allows the whisky to develop and integrate flavors, resulting in a smooth and well-rounded profile.
– Limited Availability: Yamazaki 18 Years Old is often in high demand due to its limited availability. As a result, it can be challenging to find and may come with a higher price tag compared to younger expressions from the distillery.
– Presentation: Yamazaki 18 Years Old is typically presented in an elegant bottle that reflects the craftsmanship and attention to detail of the distillery. The packaging may include a wooden presentation box or other premium elements, further enhancing its appeal.

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