Ohishi Distillery Sakura

Ohishi Distillery Sakura – The Sakura (Cherry Blossom) trees used for the casks are grown locally in Kumamoto. Tasting notes include mild oak spice, creme brulee. The finish lingers on the palate in a lovely manner.



Ohishi Distillery Sakura is a limited edition Japanese whisky produced by Ohishi Distillery, located in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. Here are some details about Ohishi Distillery Sakura:

– Distillery: Ohishi Distillery is known for its production of whisky using traditional Japanese methods. They are recognized for their use of locally grown rice as the main grain in their whiskies, which sets them apart from other distilleries in Japan.
– Expression: Ohishi Distillery Sakura is a special release that showcases the distillery’s craftsmanship and unique flavor profile. The name “Sakura” is derived from the Japanese word for cherry blossoms, a symbol of beauty and the fleeting nature of life.
– Production: Ohishi Distillery Sakura is made using a combination of malted barley and locally grown rice. The rice is fermented and distilled, and the resulting whisky is aged in various types of casks, such as oak, sherry, or wine casks, to impart different flavors and complexities.
– Flavor Profile: The flavor profile of Ohishi Distillery Sakura can vary depending on the specific release and cask maturation. However, it often exhibits a delicate balance of floral notes, fruity undertones, and subtle sweetness. The influence of the rice used in production can add a unique texture and character to the whisky.
– Limited Edition: Ohishi Distillery Sakura is typically released in limited quantities, making it a sought-after whisky among collectors and enthusiasts. The limited nature of the release adds to its appeal.
– Presentation: Ohishi Distillery Sakura is usually presented in an elegant bottle that reflects the craftsmanship and attention to detail of the distillery. The packaging may vary between different releases.

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