Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Batch B522

To sip Barrel Proof is to experience Bourbon in its purest form: uncut, straight from the barrel, and without chill filtering. Each bottle is hand labeled with its unique proof and batch number; but the nose, taste, and finish are pure Elijah Craig.



Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Batch B522 is a specific release of Elijah Craig Barrel Proof, a highly regarded bourbon whiskey produced by Heaven Hill Distillery. Here are some details about this particular batch:

– Brand: Elijah Craig
– Expression: Barrel Proof Batch B522
– Production: Elijah Craig Barrel Proof is made from a mash bill consisting of corn, rye, and malted barley. It is aged in new, charred American oak barrels for an extended period to develop its flavors and complexity. The specific aging duration for each batch may vary, and B522 indicates the batch number and release sequence.
– Barrel Proof: Elijah Craig Barrel Proof is bottled at its natural barrel proof, meaning it is not diluted or watered down before bottling. This results in a higher alcohol by volume (ABV) compared to standard bottlings. The ABV of each batch may differ, providing unique and robust flavor profiles.
– Flavor Profile: Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Batch B522 is known for its intense and full-bodied flavor profile. It typically exhibits rich flavors of caramel, vanilla, oak, dark chocolate, baking spices, and hints of dark fruits. The higher proof contributes to a warming and long-lasting finish.
– Limited Edition: Each batch of Elijah Craig Barrel Proof is released in limited quantities, making them highly sought after by bourbon enthusiasts and collectors. The specific batch number, such as B522, helps identify and differentiate each release.
– Presentation: Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Batch B522 is usually presented in a classic, straightforward bottle design that showcases the whiskey’s amber hue. The label includes batch-specific information, such as the batch number and proof.

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