Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Single Barrel

10 Years Old, Non-Chill Filtered
Warehouse N , Floor 7
Proof 131.3, ABV 65.65%



Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Single Barrel is a highly regarded bourbon expression from the Elijah Craig distillery. Here’s some information about this particular whiskey:

  • Brand: Elijah Craig
  • Expression: Barrel Proof Single Barrel
  • Proof: The term “barrel proof” indicates that the whiskey is bottled directly from the barrel without any dilution or additional water added. As a result, the proof (alcohol by volume) of Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Single Barrel can vary from batch to batch but is typically high, often ranging from 120 to 140 proof or even higher.
  • Single Barrel: This expression is sourced from individual barrels, emphasizing the uniqueness and distinct characteristics of each barrel. Each barrel can offer its own flavor profile, resulting in slight variations from one bottle to another.
  • Aging Process: Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Single Barrel is aged for a significant period of time in charred oak barrels to develop a rich and complex flavor profile. The exact age statement may vary depending on the specific release.
  • Flavor Profile: Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Single Barrel is known for its intense flavors and robust character. It often exhibits notes of caramel, vanilla, oak, spice, and a rich mouthfeel. The high proof enhances the whiskey’s boldness and can contribute to a warming sensation.

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