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Very Limited Release, finished in Curacao Cask from France. Small Batch Rye Whiskey


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This is the first time Willett bourbon has released an Exploratory Cask commonly referred to as Willett bourbon XCF 1.0. For the first release, a 7 year-old American Rye Whiskey was finished in curacao casks Willett bourbon. Which were sourced from France, for approximately 90 days. Curacao Casks are used to make Curacao which is a liqueur flavored with the dried peel of the laraha citrus fruit grown on the island of Curacao. Because these barrels were imported from France an unconfirmed rumor is that they were previously used in the production of Grand Marnier.

Willett Rye

The rye used was most likely sourced from MGP in Indiana and aged and finished at the Willett bourbon property in Bardstown, Kentucky. 6,912 Bottles were produced. Buy the Willet XCF from our shop

This rye is loved by many in the spirits industry. The history of the Willett family in the distilling trade goes back generations, back to before Kentucky was a state, and the history means there is a strong tradition of quality production. But the distillery has also undergone drastic renovations in recent years, making it a perfect mix of tradition and innovation. This rye is a touch briny and has notes of cinnamon. A hint of smoke on the nose, with chocolate and cereals on the palate. The finish is long, complex, and quite smooth for something bottled at 110 proof; we found wood spice and cherry to be the dominant notes.

Willett BOURBON Exploratory

Cask Finish Version 1.0 Small Batch Rye 7 Year Old 103.4 proof 2006

  • Version 1.0, distilled on April 12 2006
  • one of 6912 bottles, finished in curacao casks
  • Ullage: top shoulder, black foil capsule very slightly creased,
  • Original tube very slightly worn

1 bt 75cl (ot)

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