Wild Turkey 8 Years Old 1970’s Era Excellent Tax Strip

This is an 8 year old 101 proof bottling of Wild Turkey from 1979 – the legendary bourbon from Austin Nichols.



Wild Turkey 8 Years Old from the 1970s is a highly sought-after vintage bourbon produced by the Wild Turkey distillery. During that era, Wild Turkey was known for its robust and flavorful whiskies. Here is some information about Wild Turkey 8 Years Old from the 1970s, including the “Excellent Tax Strip” you mentioned:

– Age: The Wild Turkey 8 Years Old refers to the minimum age of the bourbon in the bottle, indicating that the whiskey was aged for at least eight years before bottling. This extended aging period contributes to the development of complex flavors and a smooth character.

– Vintage: The 1970s era indicates the time period when this particular bottling was produced. Bourbon enthusiasts often seek out vintage bottles from this era due to the distinct flavor profiles and historical significance.

– Tax Strip: The “Excellent Tax Strip” refers to the tax stamp or strip that was affixed to the bottle during the production and distribution process. These tax strips provide information about the payment of excise taxes and indicate the authenticity and legality of the product.


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