The Dalmore 1263 King Alexander Single Malt

Scotland, Highlands: Single malt whisky with aromas of ripe fruit, sherry, toffee, roasted almonds, malt, mint, citrus peel and a hint of ginger. A highly sought-after by whisky collectors and enthusiasts alike, making them a one-of-a-kind addition to your portfolio.



The Dalmore 1263 King Alexander Single Malt Whisky 0,7L 40%

Buy dalmore whisky online, Based on 122 votes, the average rating for The Dalmore King Alexander III is 8.7/10. Top reviews for The Dalmore King Alexander III: ― Carmely and sweet with a very subtle smoke, even my family who hates scotch likes this. ― Very rich and smooth taste.

How long is Buy dalmore whisky online aged?

Distilled in pot stills from 100 percent malt barley, made at one distillery, aged in barrels; if Scotch or Irish, should be aged for a minimum of 3 years.

Is Buy dalmore whisky online a decent scotch?

supported 593 votes, the common rating for The Dalmore twelve Year recent is 8.1/10. high reviews for The Dalmore 12 Year Old: ― glorious expertise from nose through roof of the mouth to finish. perhaps the simplest scotch I’ve ever had thus far.

The Dalmore’ heritage dates back to 1263, once AN relative of the Clan Mackenzie, homeowners of The Dalmore still for over a century, saved King czar from the fury of a sharging stag. In recognition of this noble act the King granted the social group MAckenzie the proper to use a 12-point stag, representing a ‘Royal’, in their coat of arms. This placing icon has since adorned every bottle of The Delmore, figuration the Dalmore distillery‘ majestic legacy.

THE ART OR THE DALMORE The Dalmore is crafted mistreatment one hundred fifty year recent craftsman method passed down through the generations. Eight hand overwhelmed copper stills of variable form and size deliver a full seasoned and complex new spirit, that is then enriched over the years within the finest yankee oak ex-bourbon casks and hand elect oloroso fortified wine butts.The Dalmore still within the Scottish Highlands began as alittle family distillery at the start of the nineteenth century and it’s there that they turn out voluminous and fruity single malt Scotch whiskeys. The Dalmore 1263 King Alexander Single whisky is a superb bottling of the house, both in former bourbon whiskey barrels and in Spanish fortified wine barrels single malt whiskey.

in a very dark golden hue, aromas of ripe fruit, sherry, toffee, cooked almonds, malt and recent tones of peppermint, citrus peel and a touch of ginger root are often discovered. The body of The Dalmore 1263 King Alexander Single whisky is of a dry nature and also the afterimage features a lovely fullness and a delicious balance.

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