Ohishi Distillery Port Cask Finish

Ohishi Distillery Port Cask Finish



Ohishi Distillery Port Cask Finish is a unique expression from the Ohishi Distillery in Japan. Here’s some information about this whiskey:

– Distillery: Ohishi Distillery is located in Kumamoto, Japan, and is known for its production of rice-based whiskies.
– Cask Finish: The Port Cask Finish refers to the maturation process of this whiskey. After aging in traditional oak barrels, the whiskey is transferred to ex-port wine casks for further maturation. This finishing period in port casks imparts unique flavors and characteristics to the whiskey.
– Flavor Profile: The Port Cask Finish whiskey from Ohishi Distillery often exhibits fruity and dessert-like flavors. It may have notes of red berries, raisins, dark chocolate, and a subtle sweetness from the port wine influence.
– Availability: Ohishi Distillery products, including the Port Cask Finish expression, may be available in select markets and through specialty liquor stores or online retailers that carry a diverse range of international whiskies.

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