Ohishi Distillery Islay Cask Finish

Ohishi Distillery Islay Cask Finish – Matured in Sherry and Ex-Brandy Casks for 5-6 years and then finished in Ex-Islay Whisky Casks from 2-3 years. Tasting notes include hints of smoke, toasted marshmallow and vanilla.



Ohishi Distillery crafts innovative new experiences at the intersection of Scotch and Japanese tradition.

This expression gives Japanese blended whiskey an intense Islay flair through maturation.

Aged first in American oak for complexity, it then spends time absorbing aromas from casks previously holding rare Islay single malts.

Burnt toffee, medicinal smoke and dried seaweed emerge from the glass. Rich layered flavors of chocolate-covered raisins, candied orange peel and charred wood unfold on the palate.

Bottled at a robust 46% ABV, each innovative sip blends robust Islay character with Ohishi’s signature balance.

Cutting-edge yet approachable, it encourages connoisseurs to broaden whisky horizons through distinct fusion craftsmanship. A rare treat for adventurous palates seeking discovery.

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