Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Tasters Selection Twin Blend

Blended together and bottled at a flavorful 107 proof, “twin” blend complements Rye’s spice with Tennessee Whiskey’s sweet floral accents for a doubly complex spirit.



Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Tasters Selection pushes boundaries with innovative limited releases. The Twin Blend pairs two venerable whiskey styles into one cohesive sipping experience.

Aged for 6 years, the Tennessee whiskey portion contributes mellow corn and caramel flavors. Blended is a 6 year old rye offering spice and baked bread notes.

Together on the nose, aromas of vanilla, cinnamon and baking spices entice. The palate enters rich and well-rounded, with flavors of honey roasted peanuts, butterscotch and dried fruit balanced by peppery rye character.

Bottled at 90 proof, it maintains lively sippability while allowing complex layers to unfold gradually. The long, nuanced finish hints at toasted oak and citrus zest persistently woven through each ingredient.

Extremely craft-focused and exclusive, it invites whiskey connoisseurs to compare classic styles side by side in a innovative fusion. Jack Daniel’s trademark quality and care for tradition shine through in this unexpected blend.

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