Hennessy VSOP Privilege Lunar New Year 2023 by Yan Pei-Ming

Hennessy heralds a brand-new cycle in the Chinese calendar through a monumental composition by Yan Pei-Ming, one of the world’s most celebrated and sought-after contemporary artists.



Part of Buffalo Trace’s vanguard Experimental Collection, this 2023 release takes bourbon maturation to new frontiers. Aged additionally in retired Shaoxing yellow rice wine casks from China, it imbues the classic Kentucky spirit with exotic Asian spice influences.

On the nose, aromas of toffee, roasted nuts and molasses mingle with subtle herbal rice complexities. The palate opens with bold flavors of plum, raisin and caramel, coated in rich tones of cinnamon, star anise and clove imparted from the unusual cask.

Though bold at 56.4% ABV, the barrel proof offering maintains silky smoothness, with the distinct rice wine character lending an earthy, wild dimension to the intense dark fruit core. The finish evolves intriguing savory baking spice and tea notes long after each sip.

An avant-garde limited release for intrepid bourbon connoisseurs, its blend of styles pushes creative boundaries. This petite 375ml bottle offers a unique opportunity to discover new layers within American whiskey through innovative experimentation with non-traditional maturing vessels. Rare and thought-provoking, it rewards those who relish discoveries beyond the ordinary.

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