Glenmorangie 1997 Grand Vintage Limited Edition

Volume 0.7 L
ABV 43 °
Type Single malt
Distillery Glenmorangie
Country Scotland
Region Highlands
Vintage 1997
Age 23 years
Maturation Bourbon and wine cask
Peat Non Peated
Packaging Wooden Case
Reference: 24695

Colour: deep ocher.

Nose: complex, resolutely fruity (red fruits) and floral (rose, jasmine, clove) aromas blend with sweet notes of cake, mint caramel and candy. Some subtle spices rise on the sweet pepper and ginger.

Palate: subtly spicy flavours of ginger and sweet pepper, accompanied by candies and fruit jelly (red fruits, pineapple, pear, tangerine) with a hint of almond.

Finish: long, beautifully smooth, but still rich on sweet notes and sweet spices.



This Glenmorangie Grand Vintage 1997 is the seventh expression of the Bond House N ° 1 collection. In which the Scottish distillery brings together exceptional and exclusive vintages. Available now at

This expression is first matured for 10 long years in old Bourbon barrels. A part is then removed to be placed for 13 years in very rare casks of red wine from Château Montrose.  In the Saint-Estèphe appellation in Bordeaux, France.

The Single Malt presents a rich, lively and floral aromatic palette. With black berry notes characteristic of Saint-Estèphe used for aging.

The box which contains this exceptional vintage is made of wood,. The colour of which recalls the colour of the barrels which contained this wine.

Glenmorangie Grand Vintage 1997: Seventh edition of the Bond House No. 1 Collection

Whisky Advocate 93 Points – The latest addition to Glenmorangie’s Bond House, this 1997 Grand Vintage collection is 23 years old. The nose is sweet and inviting, with honey, ginger, vanilla fudge, milk chocolate, and nectarines. Very smooth on the palate: peaches in cream, more milk chocolate, caramel, then spicy apricots. Long in the finish, with orange rind and a hint of chile.

And on it goes with the Bond House No. 1 Collection, in which exclusive vintages are released: Following the Glenmorangie Grand Vintage 1996, the sixth edition, the Glenmorangie Grand Vintage 1997 now was presented.

The basis for the 23-year-old Highland Single Malt is whisky, which was initially matured for 10 years in ex-Bourbon casks before spending the next 13 years in ex-red wine barrels from Château Montrose from the appellation Saint-Estèphe, Bordeaux. During this time it developed extraordinary dark berry fruit flavors, as the latest press release from Moet Hennessy reports.

The vintage bottling was rounded off by the combination with whisky, which was matured exclusively in ex-Bourbon casks, and with whisky from ex-Oloroso sherry casks. And we read as well about “further, secret casks” …

Dr. Bill Lumsden, Director of Whisky Creation at Glenmorangie, comments on this seventh edition of the Bond House No. 1 Collection: “The Glenmorangie Grand Vintage 1997 is dramatically different: lively with aromas of red berries, seductive spice, melting marzipan and floral notes. Inspired by my dream of expressive single malts and in the spirit of the kaleidoscopic style of Glenmorangie.”

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