Four Roses

  • WHY: The Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon is not only a delicious and bold Bourbon expression, it’s a fascinating chance to taste one of the singular building blocks from the ten different Four Roses recipes. The Single Barrel expression is the only Bourbon from Four Roses that comes from one individual mashbill (OBSV), and it showcases rich vanilla with plenty of spice at a robust 100 proof.
  • HOW: Four Roses used to be owned by Seagrams, which means the distillery needed to be versatile in its capabilities for blending. Even today, having been purchased by Kirin and dedicated entirely to Bourbon production, the distillery makes ten different Bourbon recipes: two different mashbills with five different strains of yeast. The Small Batch Select uses six different recipes.

Bourbon /40% ABV / Kentucky, United States



Four Roses Whiskey

Four Roses Whiskey, Spicy, rich, mellow, fruity, hints of sweet oak & caramel. Creamy, mellow, ripened red berries, rich, spicy, well-balanced, moderately sweet. Soft, smooth & pleasantly long.

Is Four Roses Whiskey an awesome bourbon?

Four Roses is an excellent bourbon to revel in but you like. … Four Roses eighty Proof could be very versatile. It makes a pleasant directly whiskey however additionally a excellent base for any whiskey cocktail, specifically easy combined liquids just like the whiskey highball in which a reliable, less expensive whiskey is all it really is needed.

What else does Four Roses Whiskey make?

The employer distills ten separate bourbons the usage of mash recipes and 5 yeast strains. From combining those ten bourbons, the Four Roses distillery creates their wellknown bourbon. The unmarried barrel bottlings are made with most effective one of these ten bourbons.

Four Roses Bourbon blends up to ten of our awesome Bourbon recipes, ensuing in a versatile, easy-ingesting Bourbon that appeals to informal enthusiasts and fanatics alike. Perfect for cocktails.

Four Roses unmarried-barrel bourbon is distinctly less expensive and delicious. Despite being one of the maximum less expensive unmarried barrels at the market, it’s additionally one of the best.

Tasting Notes

Color: Golden caramel—bourbons are forbidden with the aid of using regulation to apply synthetic coloring, so the hue comes absolutely from the barrel.

Nose: It’s heavy at the rye, and additionally pretty fruity, with plum, apricot and shiny citrus predominating.

Palate: Rich and candy however now no longer cloying, its huge notes of caramel, with vanilla, cherry sweet and suggestions of chocolate segue right into a burst of cinnamon spice and a mild all right dryness because it hits the tonsils.

Finish: The end is all approximately the all rightdry, with a black pepper spiciness. The fabulous aftertaste lingers, with notes of candied orange peel and toffee.


By a few accounts, the emblem changed into based with the aid of using Rufus Mathewson Rose and changed into likely named in honor of him, his brother Origen, and their sons. However, numerous special testimonies were instructed approximately the call’s origin. Owner Kirin Brewery does now no longer point out Rufus M. Rose in its model of the records, and refers as a substitute to Paul Jones Jr. because the founding father of the emblem. The employer says the emblem call changed into trademarked in 1888 with the aid of using Jones, who claimed it have been produced and offered as early because the 1860s.

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