Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Private Select Bundle

Bundle includes:
1 Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Single Barrel Sip Whiskey Selection1 Elijah Craig Straight Rye1 Elijah Craig Small Batch



Heaven Hill crafts this private collection showcasing Elijah Craig Barrel Proof at its bold peak.

Three 12-year aged barrels were individually selected for maximal flavors, then bottled at cask strength—130.7, 129.2 and 131.4 proof, packing a Punch.

Rich baking spices mingle with dark chocolate on the nose. Flavors burst forth with layers of candied orange, roasted coffee and caramelized bananas through a lasting finish.

Luxurious customized book boxes house each one-liter bottle, along with specially designed tasting notes to enhance appreciation.

A rare opportunity to explore micro-variations from three storied American oak barrels brewing concentrated character over a dozen years.

Only available in limited private bundles, this collection builds the pinnacle home bar for bourbon aficionados to share memorable moments together.

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