Crown Royal Peach Tea 4pk Cans

This ready-to-drink canned cocktail from Crown Royal is a delicious combination of Canadian Whisky, peach flavor, and brewed tea. 7% Alc



Crown Royal delights with this refreshing summer-inspired canned cocktail collection.

Crown Royal Whisky is artfully blended with peach and black tea flavors for a balanced thirst-quenching beverage.

Each 12oz aluminum can serves up hints of ripe peach, citrus and soothing black tea on the nose. The palate brings lively notes of peach nectar, tangerine and vanilla that are smooth and easy-drinking.

Perfectly portable at 7% ABV, these colorful crowns are the ideal way to enjoy Crown’s signature smoothness anytime, anywhere.

Sold in a 4-pack, it’s ideal for picnics, BBQs, beach days or anytime you want to bring a delicate blended cocktail along for your next summer adventure. Light and lively, yet possessing the signature Crown style.

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