Crown Royal 29 Year Old Extra Rare

Crown Royal 29 Year Old Extra Rare – Crown Royal 29 Year Old Extra Rare is a stunning extra rare limited edition whisky patiently aged for no fewer than twenty-nine years, and one of our oldest to date. Unparalleled for a new generation.



Crown Royal crafts an extraordinarily rare treat with this aged whisky.

Matured to full expression over 29 bountiful years, it emerges an ethereal pale gold hue.

Complex aromas invite discovery – candied ginger, oloroso sherry and dried floral notes that burst forth from the glass.

Luxurious flavors unfold seamlessly on the palate like silk – spiced crème brûlée, honeyed raisins and sandalwood spices that linger through the polished finish.

Each bottling offers a singular sensory experience at a smooth 94 proof. Now revel as this extraordinary amber nectar transcends Crown’s prestigious legacy to elevated new heights with each refined sip.

Generations in the making, this elixir of sophistication defines ultra-premium liquid artistry for discerning devotees of regal Canadian whisky.

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