Ciroc Limonata 3pk

Available for Pre-Order. Expected to Ship in Mid-February
CîROC Limonata, the ultimate Mediterranean escape. A delicious tasting spirit made with vodka 5x distilled from fine French grapes infused with lemon and other citrus flavors.



Ciroc Limonata 3pk is a refreshing pack of 3 750ml bottles of vodka infused with ripe lemon flavors.

Light and crisp, Ciroc Limonata is made using Ciroc’s premium diamond distilled vodka and flavored with natural extracts and essences of ripe Mediterranean lemons. Upon opening, bright notes of freshly squeezed lemon juice and zest are evident.

The flavors are light and vibrant on the palate, delivering a lively lemonade experience in each sip. Though highly potent at 80 proof, Ciroc Limonata’s natural lemon essence provides a clean, balanced finish without heaviness.

Perfect for celebrating spring and summer, this 3-pack makes it easy to share the refreshing lemon indulgence with friends. Its vibrant hue and fruity persona also lend it to creative cocktail making.

Whether enjoying straight over ice or mixed into lemon drops, gimlets or spritzes, Ciroc Limonata is an easy drinking, zesty way to unwind with its quality mixability and playful flavor that brightens any occasion.

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