Bulleit Bourbon Blender’s Select

Bulleit Bourbon Blender’s Select is a limited mingling of three of Bulleit Bourbon’s distillates for a unique character.



Bulleit showcases bourbon innovation with this special Blender’s Select expression.

Master Distiller Tom Bulleit hand-selects barrels from their storied rackhouses for complex character.

He expertly blends these selections to create a balanced profile while embracing varied wood effects.

Deep honey gold in hue, aromas of caramelized oranges, almond cookies and roasted oak entice the senses.

Rich and robust on the palate, flavors layer notes of dried apricots, butterscotch and spiced vanilla for a uniquely nuanced sip.

Bottled at 90.4 proof yet velvety smooth, each rare bottle tells the story of artistry, tradition and push for perfection intrinsic to Bulleit’s craft.

Showcasing the culmination of Tom’s expertise, it invites connoisseurs to discover unique small-batch mastery with every pour. A distinguished treat.

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