Belvedere Heritage 176

Experience the rich, full-bodied taste of BELVEDERE HERITAGE 176. Crafted using the centuries-old malting technique of kiln-heating rye to reveal complex flavor notes hidden deep within.
Bottle Size: 750ml



Belvedere unveils a revolutionary new vodka expression crafted using Rye, honoring 176 years of Polish craftsmanship.

At the historic distillery in Poland, winter Rye is triple distilled and blended with Belvedere’s signature Dankowskie Rye.

Aromas of citrus oil, cardamom and orchard blossoms introduce layers of nuanced complexity to the nose. Flavors of lemon verbena, peppery herb and honeycomb unfold across the silky palate.

Bottled at 80 proof and non-chill filtered for preserving natural essence, each sip reveals nature’s unique gifts evolved through Belvedere’s alchemy.

This special limited edition pushes vodka appreciation to new heights through staying true to cultural roots and innovative techniques.

Luxuriously packaged in a bespoke bottle highlighting Polish iconography, Heritage 176 is a rare collectible expression celebrating tradition while pioneering new frontiers.

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