Adictivo Tequila Plata

Tequila Adictivo® Plata is a 100% pure Blue Agave, flashing silver crystal color, with a soft, warm flavor, and herbaceous aromas.



Adictivo Tequila Plata is a premium Mexican tequila known for its smooth and clean flavor profile. Here are some details about Adictivo Tequila Plata:

– Brand: Adictivo Tequila
– Expression: Plata
– Production: Adictivo Tequila Plata is made from 100% blue Weber agave, which is harvested in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. The agave is cooked, fermented, and then distilled to create a high-quality tequila. Adictivo Tequila Plata is unaged and bottled shortly after distillation, allowing the pure flavors of the agave to shine through.
– Flavor Profile: Adictivo Tequila Plata is known for its crisp and clean flavor profile. It offers the natural flavors of the blue agave, including notes of citrus, herbal tones, and a hint of sweetness. The absence of aging allows the agave flavors to be the focal point of the tequila.
– Versatility: Adictivo Tequila Plata can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as the base spirit in various cocktails. Its smooth and clean profile makes it a versatile tequila for mixing into classic cocktails like margaritas, palomas, or tequila-based mixed drinks.
– Presentation: Adictivo Tequila Plata is typically presented in an elegant and modern bottle that reflects the brand’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

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