*6PACK* Ciroc Passion Limited Edition 750ml

Ciroc Passion is crafted with vodka from fine French grapes that lend a distinctive citrus taste. Infused with the taste of the tropics, this is vodka bursting with fresh-tasting pineapple, passion fruit, and citrus.



Ciroc elevates tropical vibes to new heights with this limited variety 6-pack.

Each 750ml bottle is infused with vibrant passion fruit flavor for an island escape in every pour.

Aroma sings with tangy notes of candied passion fruit, orange blossom and kiwi. On the palate, silky texture flows into flavors of coconut cream, papaya and lime zest.

At 80 proof, the refined craftsmanship stays smooth from start to finish. Ideal for the jet-setter, beach bonfire or boat day party.

Collected in a colorfully decorated carrying carton, this rare 6-bottle bundle provides endless passionate playlists.

Make memories that will transport you back time and again with premium passion and the perfect pour to share the good times with company. Taste the tropics all summer long.

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