*3PACK* Ciroc Passion Limited Edition 750ml

Ciroc Passion is crafted with vodka from fine French grapes that lend a distinctive citrus taste. Infused with the taste of the tropics, this is vodka bursting with fresh-tasting pineapple, passion fruit, and citrus.



The 3PACK Ciroc Passion Limited Edition 750ml refers to a special package containing three bottles of Ciroc Passion in a limited edition. Ciroc is a brand of vodka known for its production from grapes, which sets it apart from traditional grain or potato-based vodkas. Here’s some general information about Ciroc Passion:

  • Brand: Ciroc
  • Expression: Passion
  • Limited Edition: The Ciroc Passion Limited Edition is a special release from the brand, often featuring unique packaging or flavor variations that are only available for a limited time.
  • Flavor Profile: Ciroc Passion is known for its vibrant and fruity flavor profile. It often exhibits tropical fruit notes, including passionfruit, along with hints of citrus and sweetness.
  • Bottle Size: Each bottle in the 3PACK is a 750ml (or 75cl) bottle, which is a standard size for spirits.

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