The Glenlivet 14 Cognac Cask Selection

After maturing in bourbon and sherry casks for many years, The Glenlivet whisky is finished in ex-cognac casks for at least 6 months, creating a uniquely rich and intense flavor.



The Glenlivet showcases maturation innovation with this deluxe single malt finished in Cognac casks.

Aged originally in American oak, it spent a final period absorbing complex flavors from rich Cognac barrels.

Nosing reveals layers of ripe stone fruit, dried fig and buttery pastry notes intermingling with signatures of French oak and cognac grapes.

The palate plays 48.2% ABV potency down with silky texture, carrying flavors of plummy compote, toasted almonds and dark chocolate ganache through the finish.

Benefitting from double wood influence, every sip reveals new dimensions in this exclusive small-batch expression.

Luxurious yet remarkably balanced and sippable, it joins The Glenlivet’s Pinnacle Collection for discerning connoisseurs seeking novel cask influences in single malt excellence. Rare and collectible.

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