Knob Creek Single Barrel Select Bourbon “6th Floor God”

Floor: 06
Rick: 09Warehouse: NDate Barreled: 1/8/2014Date Selected: 2/14/2023Proof: 120



Knob Creek plays host to bourbon legends with this elevated Single Barrel selection.

Aged to intense perfection over 12 years in the whiskey mecca’s 6th floor rickhouses, it emerges deep copper in hue.

Aromas of toasted oak, caramel corn and cigar wrapper entice the senses from the glass.

Bold yet nuanced on the palate, flavors unfold richly – baked apples, cinnamon rolls and leather bound tomes that linger through the luxurious finish.

Bottled high at a cask strength of 120.4 proof, this rare elixir dares even seasoned sippers to bask in its well-earned complexity.

Lovingly selected by whiskey legends and labelled with a revered nod, each regal pour tells of years meticulously crafted in rarified echelons.

A celebrated small batch treat guaranteed to appease even the loftiest of bourbon aficionados. Now that’s heaven in a bottle.

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