Knob Creek Belmont Stakes 2015

Knob Creek Belmont Stakes 2015



Knob Creek Belmont Stakes 2015 is a limited edition bourbon whiskey released in celebration of the prestigious Belmont Stakes horse race. Here are the specifications:

– Brand: Knob Creek
– Type: Bourbon Whiskey
– Edition: Belmont Stakes 2015 (limited edition)
– Aging: Typically around 9 years
– Alcohol by Volume (ABV): Varies, usually around 50%
– Mash Bill: Predominantly corn with a blend of rye and malted barley
– Color: Deep amber with golden highlights
– Nose: Aromas of caramel, vanilla, toasted oak, and a hint of spice
– Taste: Full-bodied with a rich and complex flavor profile featuring notes of caramel, dark chocolate, dried fruits, and a balanced spiciness
– Finish: Long and satisfying, with lingering flavors of oak, toffee, and a touch of pepper

The Knob Creek Belmont Stakes 2015 edition was released to commemorate the Belmont Stakes, one of the prestigious Triple Crown horse races. The bourbon whiskey showcases the brand’s commitment to producing high-quality, handcrafted bourbon with a robust and full-bodied taste. This limited edition release is a collector’s item and a favorite among bourbon enthusiasts and horse racing fans alike. Enjoy it neat, on the rocks, or with a splash of water to fully appreciate its exceptional flavors and the spirit of the Belmont Stakes.

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