Colonel E.H. Taylor 18 Year Marriage

E.H. Taylor 18 Year Marriage is an 18 year old blend of high rye and wheated bourbon. This limited edition, bottled-in-bond whiskey is the latest release from Buffalo Trace Distillery & will be released late summer/early fall.



This Colonel E.H. Taylor Marriage celebrates the art of blending with an 18 year aged expression.

Distilled at the Buffalo Trace Distillery and aged 18 years in different barrels, cognac casks impart layers of dried fruit and baking spices on the nose.

The complex palate delivers roasted almonds, caramel and brown sugar balanced by hints of leather and oak. Each sip unveils new subtleties through a long, evolving finish.

Bottled at barrel proof 101.6 for maximized flavors, it maintains silky approachability and reveals mastery of aging and blending.

Handcrafted in small batches under the watchful eye of Master Distiller Brent Elliott, this marriage joins the prestigious Single Barrel and Small Batch in showcasing EHT’s unparalleled quality.

Luxuriously packaged and scarce, it will elevate home bars and be treasured by bourbon connoisseurs for years to come. A true collectible showcasing the art of bourbon.

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